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I'm offended !

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

And the Millenniums killed the Sense of humor, ok I won’t generalize, but let’s say that this victim culture is going a little too far, what that has to do with my work, my animations? well everything, but i will explain to put things in context 

Rupaul Dragrace Animated

When we lose the power to talk about terrorism to not sound racist, that we can’t do a joke because that will offend someone at some point we all lose, all comes down to this new generation of young people gay, straight, that grew up having everything at easy and now can’t cope not having their needs met or their opinion overruled, in another word, if you don’t agree with me you are the bad guy, is almost like bullying on reverse

I do like to create animations that are a little on the shocking value, is not intended to offend, but I think humor got the power to reach where a TED TALKS can’t, it have been used since forever as a tool to exposure opinions, point it out what is wrong with society or sometimes just to alleviate the darkness of a situation or take away the power of something used to oppress, like when you see a black man using the N words between friends or gay people calling each other queer in a humorous 

One of my most successful animation on Youtube is also a good example of im talking about, I normally  send a message through my work, but sometimes like on my animations with Wonder woman and Cinema I just wanted to be weirdly fun, so I decided to do an animation with RuPaul, which I am a big fan, I also created an animated version of ET, and so came the idea of putting ET on Drag lipsyncing for his life to the tune of Telephone from Lady Gaga ( Et Phone home… Telephone…got it ? lol )

 Well as soon i posted that animation that took me 3 weeks to produce I started to receive messages of young white gay guys with words like That is inappropriate, you racist , he is too white you racist, because my Rupaul got one tone lighter that maybe she is without studio lighting, so none of my work with creating the characters, the editing, the idea, nothing I did intentionally was important anymore besides the only thing that wasn’t intentional and was never there to start with: racism 

And that is the victim generation for you, so count on me to offend a lot of people, if you don’t get the joke you may be suffering from first world problems. 

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