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Somewhere around January i received this message from a German singer call Mavin, as im not very aware of the current music of today , i went to check it out his work on Youtube and Goggle and was pleased surprise for the level of quality of his songs and videos, what brought him to me was my Christmas short animation with Lady Bunny, the reason ? he just recorded a song with chorus sang for nobody else but the Lady Bunny herself and thought that a animation with them both would be a a creative idea.

And so he sent me the song, which i loved straight away, so i was in , through the period of almost four months and a huge amount of hours in front of the computer and with Mavin via What's app and uncountable versions, many characters created and discarded, not to mention that was also the two producers involved ( which also end up on the video as characters ) luckily enough we got in a agreement which was the perfect version before the official release date of the song.

That probably was my biggest animation undertake, and with almost 30 characters creation and many original props and backgrounds was the closest i ever got to give birth lol because by the end it feels like you just raised a child and leave them to go to the world ( a conjoined child with Mavin, Dickey Doo, Snax and Lady Bunny )

As you can notice in my body of work, music was always a massive part of my animations, and after this experience i came to understand how important is for me show my work through songs, so if you a musician or would like to promote your music telling a story in a animated way, keep in touch :)

Steve Cavalcanti

Watch the animated video for the song Happy

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