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You know why i'm here

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Tim D.Clinton is an author, producer, and CEO from EntrepreDoers living in New York, well known for his book Heart Of A Minstrel

Tim D.Clinton

His iconic Instagram words of wisdom named "FinalStatment" and his comic storytelling segment called You know Why I'm here , which the last one I was pleased to be the one animating.

Looking for an animation to animate your story ?

This is what you gonna need for us to start with :

  • A clear recording of your voice with no music or any background noise

  • A visual ideia of how you want your story to be told

  • Provide pictures, information or anything it may help to create the correct visuals

  • An account with Paypal, a computer and access to the internet

We provide a digital service, so you can still purchase whatever you are in the world, we charge per hour or per video made according to your expecifications, we also have special prices for returning costumers.

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