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Animating you

As an animator i done many different animations, some creating the visual to the story of others, some adverts etc but all with characters created by my imagination, but then in my private animations i started to play with creating famous characters like Superheroes, that really can have any type of face, as long Superman continues to have blue eyes and black hair anything else is ok for interpretation.

So slowly i started to introduce real life characters, like Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders and more, maybe because of those i started to attract Podcasters, You-tubers and Comedians which wanted animated versions of real celebrities they were voice impersonating and some just a animated version of themselves for an intro or even a real or fictional story with themselves as the main character.

Claudia is a long time friend and a funny sharp humous presence on the internet on in Brazil, as well spoken Japanese descendent she plays well poking fun of the differences of both countries as on herself being the mix of both cultures, after asked me for an animation, i decided to create the following video for her to share with her followers.

Animating a real person
Claudia Makio in : Hurricane Makio

Do you need a animation for you office Christmas reunion poking fun of your managers, employers or yourself ? Maybe you are a comedian with the best Donald Trump voice impersonation and want the visuals to match, the possibilities are endless.

So, the decision was made, and you have the story in your head and the person that will become an animated character, what else ?

1) 3 good different front pictures of our future character ( one serious, one smiley and another in a screaming pose, month and eyes right open ) this is not mandatory, will just make your character more accurate.

2) Your story : What this character (s) story ? is just intro ? how you envision it ? Is a story ? tell me ?

3) If your character speaks, please have a mp3 version of you're speaking parts recorded without any background noise or music + any preferential song to be used ( only send private or original songs, for mainstream songs just let us know the song in mind

4) Any extra detail that will make this character even more related to the real person, favourite colours, every day habits or anything besides looks that make them unique

Let me know how imaginitive you are and i will make it happen

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