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This animation was one, long on the making, back in 2015 ( if im not wrong ) that's when i listen this song sang by Madonna, it was part of her MDMA album, but was really a song created to be part of her directional debut as a movie director, the movie was WE about the infamous relationship of the king of England with the America divorcee.

The moment i heard this song, this whole story came into my mind, the story of a grieving widow which fall in love for the most famous painting on the Louvre museum

Details of the story start to come to life as i was creating the story, one thing i want to be clear, is that it wasn't a grammar mistake that this lady is called Monalissa, the double SS was in purpose, as im not creating a documentary, so everything is just inspired in real life

Told in some flashbacks, this is the story of a men married with a french historian especialised in famous paintings, one in special, the Monalissa portrait, her book was the reason of a fresh new international interest on the Masterpiece

After a long battle, his wife died and overwhelmed by grieve he decided to walk around the places she loved, passing through the Louvre museum, he felt gravitating around the Monalissa painting, in his obsession to be around the famous Monalissa, he decided to become a worker for the museum, so he could always stay around

The museum workers founding weird and funny that he would spend extra hours at the museum after it was close, just so he could chat with the still painting as it was a real woman

A earthquake treat was annocemment by the news media, and one of the most affected areas became the Louvre Museum, catches in the middle of natural disaster, he decided to stay and protect Monalissa

The ending is open to interpretation, but the idea is that the love for Monalissa was only his unconscious way to be close to his deceased wife, as that painting and that place was so loved by his wife

His wife organs were donated to a very sick little girl which got full recovered

That story was a bit off than my natural humorous animations, but one that had a special meaning for me and goes along the kind of animator im building myself to be, because what brought me into animation in the first place, was my desire to tell the many stories that goes in my mind all the time

The music present in my animations were something a bit unplanned, in my excitement of learning animation, it never occur to me that to tell stories you need many voices, from time to time i do few, doing myself most of the voices, but as not all my characters are latinos, it kind of become obvious that they are all speaking with a accent lol not to mention that the females characters also creates problems as my voice is very deep and even with computer gimmicks still end up sounding a bit chimpmankes for my liking lol

Luckily i loveee music and can incorporate that organically in my animations, most of the time help to tell the story, as it was in this case here


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