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Santa Baby

And here it came the Christmas time, as it became a tradition on our channel , the Christmas animation came with a bang, a original animation which an animated version of Marilyn Monroe sings Santa Baby in the most seductive way as expected from such a iconic symbol of beauty

With her very sexy voice tone she sangs Eartha Kitt song like it was her own, but there was a problem, Marilyn never sang that song, so then we start the look to the next best thing, searching on the internet as the voice of Eartha Kitt herself nothing reseable Marilyn, and do all this work to animated Marilyn to kill off the illusion by a very different kind of voice would be a waste of time

Luckily the very talented Kylie Minogue had a Christmas album with the song Santa Baby, and even luckier is that her tone, her vocal charms were just like Marilyn, it was the next best thing, only the real Marilyn could do that song better ( or equally charming )

Song done, then was time to start the animation itself , it took almost a month to complete this 4 mins music video, we dedicated special attention on this one because portrait Marilyn in a aimation is something that we had no blue print to compare to, or at least i don't remember to ever seen a animated Marilyn before

As it was getting far too innocent for our channel style we decided to create a Blopper moment by the end, not compromising the video musical itself, but just adding a humorous touch by the end ,so you know that this still a Tivo Studios production

The video got probably the most rapidly growth in views that most of our catalog, nothing viral, but the number still going strong every day, what just come to show that maybe we hit the spot , the amount a messages were overwelming, we are very please and getting ready to start this years with another original video that we hope can be appreciate for its quality and humour

Happy 2020

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