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Beyond the Animation

Way before i got into my new animation venture, i was a photographer and before that i was a traditional illustrator, and for years i draw funny sketches and comics strips, in the beginning for my own entertaining, so recently i decided to create comics strips based on my already created animations, nothing major, but just another way to show the story i was trying to tell in more depth

My first attempt was with my first animated short of my real dog Bozley, where i tried to recreate what i think goes inside of his little head according to his behaviour lol

As the original animation was created for Instagram i added this short along with more 4 stories created for that Media in a compilation called Insta Shorts, posted earlier today on Youtube, and here is the link , Bozley story is the third one :)

After The Comics of Bozley i decided to go a little further beyond with my second chosen story , and that was my Charlie Animation animation, which i really wanted to create a series, but for that i would need at least one real female voice that could do the female parts as my voice is far too deep and the only females i can do in animation are the funny ones ( after digitally change the pitch ) the funny bit here for me was transform what was only a animated version of the 70's show intro ,into a little preview of what would be a first episode

Now watched the animated version of Charlie Angels which this comics was based :

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