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Good morning Angels

That animation was a homage to one of my childhood favourite tv programes, Charlie Angels ( i also grew up with a mother obsess with Farrah Fawcett hairdo lol )

Recreate those famous faces was a bit of a logistic task, by searching of all the photograph references i possibly could, and by recreating the intro for the show i also needed to be spot on on my objects, scenes and even clothes references ( the last essential ) i even created Farrah famous red bikini , but would not make sense add to the video as it was only used for the most famous poster of them all, but at least i was able to use to promote the video :)

I honestly thought of doing at least one episode, even got written the plot ,but like most of my stories that i think would do a great animation fells on the problem of lack of female voices, i can do different kind of male voices, even the voice of a funny female character ( by altering it on Imovie ) but the results tend to get in the funny side ( slightly less nasal than a chipmunk ) but not how you expect 3 sexy ladies to sound like, im one man band animator.

i would love to collaborate with others, but i learned that is very difficult to make people to commit in the line of work, especially because people don't work physically together, if one thing is not right takes ages to be redone until everything comes together nicely.

But if you are a girl that can make different voices and would like to have your voice work display through the faces of those beauty tv icons , please give me a shout , i would love to hear from you :)

Watch now Charlie Angels Animated

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