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Stretching the possibilities

Last month i purchased the new update of my animation program Crazy Talk Animator 3 Pipeline , but this one was really a completely different program on it's own ( especially that i needed to pay like i did the first time with the old one, what made official that this was a new program entirely ) even though that it looks very similar, the changes only start with name itself ( now is call Cartoon Animator 4 ) it shouldn't have the four in it for my opinion, but the name is far better and makes more sense for what the program is about

The major difference is the ability to have your characters head turn 360 degree and depending the type of character a full all around spin , the characters come in 3 different positions, in my old animation i needed to count on my editing skills to create a illusion of my character looking around in different direction, using cuts to exchange the different angles versions of my characters, on this one i can actually give them far more fluidity to their movements

My first real attempt to work with it came with my new animation titled Erotica Animated, based on the naughty music video from Madonna with the same name, I'm really just scratching the surface of what this program can do ( Especially that unfortunately it didn't come without its faults as the version for IMAC came with some bugs that the Company already promised to fix it in their next update, still a amazing tool for animation that im proud to be on board since the early stages and growing together.

Check it out the results of my naughty labour on my channel and subscribe for my next surprises :

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