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What i've been up to

If you follow me on Youtube you probably noticed that i haven't been posting much ( my last upload was my Lady Bunny parody during Christmas

But right after Christmas i started to do a project for an upcoming single release of a very talented singer in Germany, probably my biggest project to date ever, months on the making but still a secret in wraps ( at least until 1th of April when will be release ) as i tend to share over Facebook and Instagram all the stages of my projects, keep the secret has been hard lol

During a short break on the production of that video i was able to start to create a personal project that was always in my plans to do it , an animated version of Charlie's Angels , the official animation still yet to come, but i upload some bits and pieces as a test on my Facebook Page and instagram, and i was pleasantly surprise by the amount of views, likes and comments, from admirers of the show, fan clubs ,what made me even more excited about creating something very special for them all

Soon i will be posting the secret video here and giving all the details of its creation , meanwhile :

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